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      Information technology is rapidly evolving. Energy accounting, fire alarm, "smart home" - all of these systems need in wireless networks managing. Today we have an opportunity to abandon the outdated wiring and take advantage of wireless networks.

      If you are ready for such a decision, take a look at the intelligence module EMBEE...


     EMBEE - the only Research and Production Association in CIS, which is engaged in manufacturing and selling low-speed local radio networks. The prices of our modules are out of competition. Today you can buy almost the highest quality and inexpensive radio modems.

     In November 2006, we started to produce their own modems, which are qualitatively different from their foreign counterparts - have a reliable operating system of coordinator, router and sleeping devices on a single chip. Intelligence Module EMBEE contains The technology ZigBee ... 

      ZIGBEE - wireless technology of creation of local area radio networks for date transmission practically on any distance, at the expense of the built in relaying from one modem to another. It is based on an adapted IP protocol that allows you to maintain not only a simple wireless connection ("point-to-point", "star"), but also very complicated "mesh networks». A more detailed description of our products can be found on the relevant pages of our website.


1. Reliability. Our radio networks - are devices that are automatic formation and are highly reliable data transfer.

2. Independence. Protocol ZigBee - self-organizing radio network, capable to define and optimize delivery routes data.

3. Transfer rate. EMBEE modems support optimal data rate user and fully automated maintaining of Mesh structure that best satisfies customer requirements for AMR applications and systems "smart home".

4. Ease of use. With its convenient interface of AT commands, you can easily control your modem.

5. Quality control. All the equipment that we produce, repeatedly tested and adjusted to the highest European quality standards.

      The main production facilities are located in Kiev. If you need to buy high-quality wireless network at an affordable price, or receive competent professional advice, you can always drive up to our office or call us by phone.