EMBee is among the first Zigbee providers in Ukraine and Russia that manufactures modems simplified by a wireless Zigbee technology. EMBee modems enable utility companies and energy services to save energy, reduce cost for maintanance and keep people comfortable. EMBee engineers implement ZigBee mesh network for Automatic Meter Reading system enabling its clients to monitor and control energy consumption more accurately.

EMBee turns your wired system to wireless with a benefit for your customers. Reliable operation of your systems with integrated Embee local radio network satisfies your customers with rapid network establishment and savings on installation and maintanance. We strive to make EMBee local radio network one of the most reliable radio systems based on Zigbee technology. The achievements of science and engineering have contributed to operating system software development, based on Embee modems, which will help you create your own wireless LAN devices and sensors. You get free access to information on EMBee modems at any time you wish. Technical support of our company will offer you a wide range of additional software services for EMBee system. You and your customers will enjoy reliability of your wireless system devices with integrated EMBee local radio network based on automatically generated algorithms. Integrating our EMBee network, you turn your system devices in a reliable product operating in a local radio network. Now your system brings even more benefits to your customers and gives you a significant market advantages. We wish to see that the results of the achievements of our company in establishing wireless radio network are credible and respected by customers of your systems.