Integration of EMBee modems in AMR system

providing ZigBee wireless solutions

Embee has closely collaborated with manufactures of electricity meters in Russia and Ukraine. As example, we are ready to produce OEM modems for electricity meters. OEM modems will be fully programme compatible with AMR customers.

  • Data collection by a data concentrator and data transmission to a central database
  • Cost-effective wireless AMR system with EMBee modems
  • High data reliability and excellent performance in AMR system in Ukraine and Russia
  • 2 mW required for energy meters in multi-storey buildings and 10 - 100 mW in homes
  • Reliable data acquisition and storage for 1.5 years without freezes or crashes
  • High security of data transmission from a coordinator to router (0.1% packet error rate)
  • Automatic set up of EMBee network by a coordinator
  • High speed of ZigBee network set up with EMBee modems; 15 min. (with 1000 modems in the same room)
  • Automatic connection from a coordinator to routers
  • Frequent optimization of routes by aggregation system of a coordinator
  • Baude Rate 9 600 bit/s
  • Network encryption available
  • Excellent immunity to other 2.4 – 2.48 GHz devices

Total number of OEM modems that we have sold is 20 000 pieces.