AMR pilot project in the Petrovska, the Krasnodarsky Region, Russia.

     Introduced in trial operation a pilot AMR project based on meters with data transfer via ZigBee in the Petrovska, the Krasnodarsky Region, Russia. 

    In this complex object, EMBEE radio network successfully coped with large distances through the installation of directional antennas. Radio modems with a capacity of 100mW successfully collected in one radio network at a distance of 5 km. A radio network works with one coordinator and two additional routers. The object consists of 101 meters. Collecting data from meters -  100%.

Basic equipment:

  • - The electricity meter - 101 pc.
  • - Data acquisition unit - 1 pc.
  • - Сoordinator EMB-250-100BI-R-006 - 1 pc.

Optional equipment:  

  • - Router repeater EMB-250-100BI-R-0062 pc.
  • - Circular antenna 8 dBi - 2 pc.
  • Directional antenna 14 dBi - 4 pc.