Corporate values


Embee corporate values are part of our business practice and ethical behaviour. They are an important resource in our ongoing commitment to act according to high standards of ethics in all spheres of the company.

Core values ​​of the company are: 

To match words with deeds

This guarantees that we are 100 per cent committed to each other, a business partner, supplier, customer and the owner. Each employee is responsible for implementing the values ​​into their work whereas leaders of the company support them, ensuring reliable and high quality end product.

To act in accordance with high standards

 We are honest, reliable and trustworthy. Honesty is the source of all our actions: the way we behave, cooperate with each other and all our partners. When we act honestly, we deserve the trust of our business partners and customers who we do business with. Preserving our reputation requires constant commitment from all of us to act in accordance with the highest standards of honesty in making all our business decisions. We adhere to all laws, regulations, contracts and company principles that guide our work. We compete fairly and lawfully, based on the quality of our products and services. We avoid circumstances in which conflicts can arise between us and partners. In our business we are guided by the decisions of justice in relation to customers. Intellectual Property such as trademark, patent, copyright, logos, business processes, the results of research are our greatest asset which we will fully protect from loss, theft or misuse. 

To maintain our commitments

We maintain our commitments to our customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners. We strive to make our business beneficial for your end user and keep our promises. Crucial relations mostly depend on trust and our business partners, suppliers, interested parties know that they can rely on us because we keep our promises. We try to maintain the trust of our customers, competitors, suppliers through honest and ethical business practice. We do not take part in the manipulation, concealment or abuse of information. Our clients are extremely important to our success and we are constantly conducting a dialogue with them to understand and meet their needs as well as provide them with goods and services of the high quality at the best price. We do business with suppliers, agents, consultants and partners who adhere to the highest standards of business conduct and integrity. We make decisions about purchases which are best for our company in terms of price, quality, deadlines and general acceptability.

To strive for excellence

We wish to be the best in everything we do and work on a global level. We see excellence as a way to achieve the goal, which means constant work on improving ourselves and our company. Our company is constantly learning new things and progressing.

To gain pleasure from work

We work because it can be enjoyable, exciting and fun. We enjoy our work and appreciate the fact that Embee systems are part of the end product of the customer. We believe that the working environment based on mutual respect, teamwork and diversity of views is a favourable place of work. Our constant desire to gain pleasure from work  makes Embee an exceptional company. We recognize that working together with a goal to bring benefits to our customers makes work an exciting and pleasurable activity. We wish to work for the client-company where we can be proud of our achievements otherwise we change approach to our work.